The Forbidden City


All her life, Emerala wanted nothing more than to see the world. When her small act of rebellion against the crown leaves her with a price on her head and nowhere to run, Captain Alexander Mathew offers her a way out.

As it turns out, a life of piracy isn’t quite as romantic as Emerala thought it would be.

Alexander Mathew is a man hunted by his late father’s aspirations. Desperate and determined, he drags Emerala and his crew through increasingly dangerous trials in a last-ditch effort to honor a dead man’s legacy. As whispers of mutiny rise, Evander the Hawk works to play both sides, straddling the line between ally and enemy. In a world where alliances change as quickly as the tides, Emerala soon learns that the only person she can depend upon is herself.

Back in Emerala’s homeland, political tensions continue to rise as the family she left behind struggles to find their place in a world that has all but cast them out. The increasingly violent clashes between the Cairan people and the brutal Golden Guard pushes the island of Chancey ever closer to civil war. In the midst of it all, Nerani the Elegant grows continually closer to General James Byron, knowing all the while that the forbidden affair is likely to cost both of them their lives.

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