Birthday Shenanigans

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m pretty big on birthdays.



All hail the king.

I love my birthday, my friends’ birthdays, my husband’s birthday… for God’s sake, I even threw my dog a giant 1st birthday pool party (Thanks again to the friends who came and politely tolerated THAT weirdness. Just FYI, guys, his third birthday is fast approaching, and I’ve found some fantastic doggie ice cream recipes on the Internet).

Birthday? Or Birth-week? How about Birth MONTH!?

When Husband and I were first dating, I somehow managed to convince him that my family celebrated the first sixteen days of July leading up to my birthday by giving me a single present every day. Although he stubbornly refused to participate in any way shape or form, he bought it. That is, until one day shortly after meeting my parents when he brought the faux holiday up to my father. According to him, he mentioned that he couldn’t believe my parents celebrated sixteen WHOLE days of me every year. In response, my dad apparently let out a very confused, “Huh?!”

And just like that, the ruse was over.

Well, not entirely over. My father has yet to let him live that one down, and I don’t imagine he ever will.

Themes, themes, themes!

Dream Team right here.

Last year I decided to embrace the full crazy of Pinterest crafting and plan a Harry Potter tournament for my birthday week. I bullied all of my friends into joining, and those who were less than thrilled about Harry Potter were quickly sorted into team Slytherin (I mean seriously, who isn’t into Harry Potter? Muggles, that’s who.) The day was full of bad Harry Potter puns and lots of “Tri Wizard Tournament” games (Cornhole. We played a lot of cornhole).

What can I say? I love themes. And I LOVE birthdays.

I guess that’s why this week, everyone in my life seems mildly shocked that nothing ridiculous (or ridiculously annoying) has been planned for the day tomorrow. This year I’m pulling in the reins a bit, and Husband and I are trekking across state for a sandwich.

Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 9.37.04 AM
Road Trip!

Yes, you read that right. All I want for this year’s birthday is a sandwich.

Call me crazy (most people do). Call me pregnant (I am, and hungry at that), but all I want is my favorite roast beef sandwich from our college days. If you’re reading this and you went to Gordon or Endicott or even Beverly High, you get it. You understand.

Nick’s Roast Beef, I’m coming for you tomorrow.

Even so, I couldn’t resist doing ONE grand gesture to celebrate the day I came into this world.

What am I if not all about the pizazz? Starting tomorrow and going until July 20th, the Rogue Elegance kindle will be completely FREE to download. In fact, if you click HERE, it’ll direct you right to the amazon page where you can make that magic happen.

Why not spend your days at the beach losing yourself in a good pirate novel? There’s nothing better than some good bodice-ripping, swashbuckling, pillaging drama to get you through those humid 95 degree days (I’m pretty sure it says so in the Bible, so it must be true).

Meanwhile, I’ll be laying back in the AC with my feet up, ringing in my 26th with a delicious roast beef sandwich (or maybe two).



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