The One Where I Add “Mom” To My Resume

Little pea pod.

I am composing this blog post in between baby naps and puppy snuggles. That’s right–my attention is divided these days. The dog is no longer the sole contender for space on my lap; now he’s got Tiny Human in the lineup.


That being said, you’ll have to excuse this post if it sounds a little, well, thrown together. Most things in my life seem to be these days.

As you might expect, I’m not getting a whole lot of sleep.

My life looks a little different nowadays. I’ve recently changed my social media bios (because we all know social media is #priorities)  from “author, wife, mother of dragons, and dog-mom” to include “baby momma”, and just like that, my repertoire has expanded by a little bit (although I’m not sure anyone would actually believe I’m the Mother of Dragons, but I keep throwing it up there just in case. I’m still holding out hope that it will happen to me one of these days*)

Life with a newborn has been equal parts overwhelming and perfect.

“Love me, Ma!”

I’ve been completely enveloped in keeping Tiny Human happy and warm and fed, and while I’ve been totally content to do that and nothing more, it turns out that keeping a baby alive leaves precious little time for writing. I’ve absolutely fallen off the wagon when it comes to corresponding with agents, editing manuscripts, and working with my publisher to get The Forbidden City ready for its fast-approaching launch date (Seriously, where is the time going? Someone make it stop.) I’ve already started getting emails reminding me to register for the summer 2017 Writer’s Conference in New York City, and I feel like the 2016 conference just ended.

For those keeping track, I’ve just taken a three hour break between the previous paragraph and this one. And by break, I mean Tiny Human has been fed, burped, changed and changed again (I’m pretty sure she strategically times her poops) and I now have a really flattering stain on my favorite Star Wars shirt.

Anyway… where was I?

Back at it.

Rambling about how little I’ve managed to get done. Right.

I’ve officially “returned” to my manuscripts and started to tackle my inbox full of unanswered emails and deadlines, and its been absolutely wonderful (if not a teeny bit stressful). My husband will be making fun of me all weekend for saying this, but the characters in my stories are like old friends, and I miss their presence when I’m not entrenched in their stories.

Suffice to say, it might get harder and harder here on out to fit writing and editing into my daily tasks. A newborn doesn’t exactly stick to a reliable schedule, and I’ve never been good at working effectively without an elaborate (often color-coded) itinerary. Let’s be real here, I’m much more likely to waste Tiny Human’s nap time snuggling the dog and pinning pictures of delicious foods on Pinterest.

Total bliss.

Currently, Tiny Human is napping in her swing. I am using the rare interlude to finish this post and reply to emails with one hand, while with the other I wrangle the breast pump and shove baby carrots in my mouth. After that, if the dog hasn’t frightened Tiny Human awake (the mailman is due any minute now) I’ll send out a few query letters and do some much needed manuscript editing for The Sleeper Initiative.

Looks like I’ll have to snatch these moments as they come.

And in the meantime, I’m perfectly happy to put the stories aside and revel in the baby love.

* True story: as a kid I once found a dragon egg in the woods and took it home. I built it a cozy nest and made my little brother sit on it for the breadth of an afternoon before declaring it a lost cause and returning to my Barbies. Perhaps this goes without saying, but it never hatched. Shockingly, it turned out to be just a rock. 20 years later and I’m still tragically dragon-less.

Although I continue to hold fast to hope. Call me an optimist, but if it happened to Daenerys Targaryen it can happen to me.



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