The Road to Hell, NaNoWriMo Edition

3 thoughts on “The Road to Hell, NaNoWriMo Edition”

  1. Preach girl! I agree with you on so many levels here. As you’ve read, I too am trying to find the balance. A good author friend of mine told me, “Twitter doesn’t sell books,” and every day I see that more and more.

    I’m on social media because my friends IRL are very few (like 4…if that, and some are just people I talk to…not anyone who knows my deepest secrets), and the friends I have online (like you *blows kisses*), are more appealing during the day to day. I bond better with you all.

    How do I fix this? I try very hard (unsuccessfully) to NOT write on the weekends. I want to save those for the family. I don’t do any hashtag games, any chats, or etc on the weekends. I’ve failed today but tomorrow is officially the weekend so gonna stay off until Monday morning (hopefully).

    Thanks for a great post, as always!



  2. I completely left Facebook in August for similar reasons, and it was an excellent decision.

    In a way, my problem came from the opposite direction as yours… The validation I got from my internet relationships became more important than maintaining my real-life ones. I quickly got so obsessed with the people who DIDN’T care to read me — whether my academic work or my creative writing — that I quickly lost sight of those who ARE around me and cheering me on, waiting eagerly for me to churn that next chapter out, or reminding me over and over that they think my dissertation is important and is making a contribution that matters. But I found myself wanting to build a platform, an audience for work I hadn’t done yet. And so many good voices get drowned out so quickly by the wish that you were hearing more of them.

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