On Kindness and Compassion.

4 thoughts on “On Kindness and Compassion.”

  1. Anyone with a young child needs some leeway. I laughed at the sound of Satan. I just got my chip-card and that sound is disturbing. Also, I’m sure your body language was screaming for help, so the immaturity of the cashier is emphasized here. Enjoyed the read! 😃

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  2. My heart went out to you reading this. Days like that are stressful enough when you’re fully able. I remember hellish trips to the store with 5 kids ages 1-8 in tow. Older people were frequently compassionate; our own age range tended to be less so. Comments could be highly rude at times. Also–lipreading is a very cool superpower!

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  3. Not sure why my comment from before didn’t post, but I enjoyed reading this. I am sorry to hear that you had this experience, of course! I am surprised, but also not surprised, by the behavior of the cashier. I am afraid maturity is not a common trait in the retail world at that level. Anyone with small children should be given some leeway with things like this. Anyone’s judgement or looks are just an insecurity of the other people. Looking forward to reading your other posts! 😀

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  4. This breaks my heart on so many levels. I am so sorry you’ve had to go through this, that you’ve gone through it before, and that you’ll probably go through it again some day. ❤ You are so much stronger than even *you* know!

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