On Being Enough

8 thoughts on “On Being Enough”

  1. My trilogy is a story that only I can tell, and even then…not to the full extent. Doing so means hurting others and that’s not something I’m willing to do. So, I’ll write the story the best way I can, and allow the emotions to run the story, rather than truth.

    That said, as someone who is also dealing with a level of deafness (though I’m fortunate and can hear most things without a device), it’s not easy being mocked and slammed because I have to ask a million times what someone said. If they talk too fast, or too soft, or are turned away from me…they may as well repeat or write it on paper. It’s hard.

    I’m so sorry someone said this to you, and while feedback in any way is good, some people need to be more understanding of someone’s inner story, vs what they believe to be true. Anyone is capable of telling a story they want to–and no one should be told they can’t.

    Write on Mama!


  2. This is such a great post. Thanks for speaking out about how it feels to wear a cochlear implant and be a mother, wife, author, etc. I think writers struggle with enough imposter syndrome to have others confirming their belief that they’re ‘not enough’. I’m so grateful for the supportive community that is writefightgifclub. Thank you for your part in creating that happy place for writers who need to hear that they ARE enough.


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