The Author

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 3.08.42 PMKA Dowling lives just outside of Boston with her husband Jeff and their smelly dog, Henry. She is a fan of sailing, adventuring, reading and writing. Sometimes, when she’s feeling particularly crafty, she can crochet a really lumpy afghan.

When Dowling lost her hearing to Meningitis at age four, she was suddenly thrust into a world of total silence. While other children were playing and growing together, Dowling found solace in stories. It wasn’t long before she began to create worlds of her very own, inspired by the places she’d been in books.

Rogue Elegance, Dowling’s debut novel, was born out of a complex childhood game played with her Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 10.21.14 AMvery dearest friend. As they became too old for dress up and make-believe, Dowling found that, like Wendy Darling, she wasn’t quite ready to grow up. She commandeered her father’s home office for her own use and set to work putting Emerala and Nerani’s story down on paper.

Now, with the First Edition of Rogue Elegance published and available for purchase, Dowling has turned her attention to other projects. She is working to turn her slight obsession (and healthy fear) of zombies into a young adult trilogy.

Dowling is so happy you’ve stumbled across her page, and she hopes you like what you find.


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