Work In Progress

When putting together a manuscript, there’s always a weird sort of limbo in between the “word vomit” writing phase and the editing phase. Much of that might be because the editing phase is no fun at all, and I’m the world’s worst (or best, depending on how you look at it) procrastinator. I’ve also recently … Continue reading Work In Progress

Emerala the Rogue

“Walk with me,” Melena commands shrilly, her smile wide. She takes Emerala’s arm, prying it easily from Derek’s grip. Emerala chances a look at Lachlan as the woman leads her away. He nods once, the decline of his chin almost imperceptible in the speckled shade that dances across his face. “Men can be so dull,” … Continue reading Emerala the Rogue

Introducing Alexander Mathew

A stifled noise from Emerala brings Alexander surfacing back into the present. He glances over at the neighboring rowboat and sees that Derek has stopped rowing. “What is it?” Derek asks Emerala, a look of concern spreading across his face. He reaches out and takes her hands. For show, Alexander reminds himself, scowling. This is … Continue reading Introducing Alexander Mathew

Introducing James Byron

James Byron is halfway to the dungeons when something strange catches his eye. He pauses in the empty hallway, the ghostly echo of his footfalls carrying on in his wake. To his left is a narrow alcove leading into one of the king’s many wine cellars. The room itself is quite normal. Narrow bottles of … Continue reading Introducing James Byron