Rogue Elegance

“Emerala the Rogue spent the idle days of her youth dreaming of a life at sea. Now, suffocated by worsening cultural persecution in the tiny port of Chancey, she feels that she is destined for something greater. In the wake of his wife’s mysterious death, the bigoted king that sits the throne has strengthened his iron grip like a vise. Suddenly, Emerala’s people are being subjected to swift and unwarranted executions. Emerala and her razor sharp tongue find it increasingly difficult to stay safely out of the hands of the golden soldiers that case the cobbled streets of her hometown. It is not until a mysterious pirate corners her in a shadowed alleyway that things begin to change. Leaving her armed with only a weapon and a choice, the stranger sends her stumbling headfirst into danger. What Emerala sees as a chance adventure turns out to have been predestined by her ancestors. Her small act of rebellion is the catalyst that awakens a long buried prophecy, setting into motion a series of events that will alter the course of history. The citizens of Chancey suddenly find themselves battling for footing in a kingdom that is teetering on the brink of a civil war, and the decisions Emerala makes will affect everyone around her. Emerala must learn to keep her enemies close or pay the ultimate price.”

“This book has anything you could ever want in a fantasy novel; adventure, drama, romance, political intrigue, and magic.”

-Amazon User

“Real, complex characters that keep you guessing at their next move. A must read for the adventurer!”

-Goodreads User

“There’s a wonderful blend of suspense, romance, adventure, and mystery. Small seeds planted along the way grow into meaningful story-lines. It’s really incredible. Once you get started you won’t want to put the book down!”

-Amazon User


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