Work in Progress

In high school, I used to spend a good deal of time furiously scrubbing at the ink blots on my hands. No matter how hard I worked to keep my fingers clean, the residue from my pen was always smudging my skin.

Now, I cherish those stains. Like a carpenter with splinters or a builder with blisters, my ink stained hands are, to me, a sign of a hard day’s work. A page filled with sloppy notations, crossed-out sentences, and quick character sketches is the proof that I’ve spent a good amount of time doing what I love.

And I do realize how completely lucky I have been in life to be able to do something that I love. Writing is my passion, my vocation, and my safety blanket all at once. Rogue Elegance may be published and available for purchase, but I have a lot more ink stashed away in my office, and quite a few more ideas stashed away in my head.

I wear my ink stains with pride. It’s a sign of who–or what–I am. A writer. This site is a place for me to pay homage to my passions, and to share what I’m working on with other avid readers and writers out there.

I hope you like what you find.

-KA Dowling

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